Hannah Daisy Smith

Hannah Daisy Smith

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


PORTL - An augmented reality app, designed to bring a competitive advantage to independent UK festival, Bestival.

'The festivals that are really successful are the ones that capture the imagination...' - R. Pearce, 2016

PORTL is an app that utilises augmented reality technology to transform ordinary objects into interactive content via a smartphone.

Todays Gen Z and Millennial consumers are looking for greater, more meaningful experiences that feel exclusive and give them a purpose. This shift in consumer needs is driving festivals to think outside the box, and create more elaborate and competitive festival than ever before. Consumers want an experience they can’t get anywhere else, and this is driving festivals in the UK to become more expensive and complex to carry out, leaving some events struggling to make a profit. This is why PORTL has been created to enhance independent UK festival Bestival, to offer it's consumers the opportunity to partake in a personal journey, discovering secret sets and surprises around the event via the PORTL app. PORTL is inspired by the creativity and psychedelia of music festivals, believing in the possibility of spreading the festival magic and wonderment beyond the regular three dimensional boarders of the event.
Augmented reality is at the beginning of global domination, and is predicted to revolutionise the way consumers interact with the entire world. With the ability to overlay any kind of animated content into the physical world using only a smartphone, it's no wonder that the possibilities for augmented reality are almost limitless. This is why now is a crucial time for Bestival to invest in the technology, and become the pioneering festival to incorporate this technology into its events.
At bestival 2019, PORTL will encourage festival goers to embark on a hunt for hidden AR triggers. There will be 8 triggers to find, spread across the 8 areas of the Bestival site. Once each one is located, they can be viewed through PORTL to transform into a secret riddle. The riddle will be a clue to a secret set or pop up party happening at a specific time and place at Bestival, taking those who participate on an exciting adventure across the festival to discover exclusive interactive content.
Throughout university, I have become more and more interested in the events industry. For this reason I dedicated my final year studies to researching and understanding UK music festivals. My passion for the industry teamed with my ability to formulate a coherent business plan makes me an ideal candidate for a role within the event management.