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InfluenceMe - Inspire Your Style

Both my PR Internship at Needle and Thread and specific modules at university have driven me to gain an adoration for Digital Marketing and PR within the fashion industry, influencing my chosen career path within this sector. Throughout my time at university I have developed a range of skills and techniques that I can continue to utilize and develop throughout my career. Additionally to the knowledge I have learnt about the business of fashion at university, I also now have an in-depth understanding of Adobe software skills.

It is critical for future marketers to understand the innovative ways to directly connect with their targeted consumer and during my dissertation and Final Major Project I focused on this topic. Generation Z are soon to be the largest consumer group in the world and they are going to have the biggest influence on other generations therefore it important for marketers to understand how to connect with this generation through the rapid development of technology in AI, AR and VR as they are like no generation before.

Focusing around the importance of Marketing and PR within the fashion industry, for my Final Major Project I created a concept for a new social networking app enhancing the growth and importance of influencer marketing and the new development of S-commerce shopping. InfluenceMe is a downloadable app bringing all fashion and beauty bloggers from across all current platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram on to one. Designed to inspire and enhance an individual’s true style, using InfluenceMe’s unique filtering system, to find the perfect influencer, brand or product that the user is looking for has never been easier than before. Driven by a need for personalisation, using algorithms, InfluenceMe offers new suggestions of influencers; brands and products that reflect the individuals true taste encouraging the promotion of smaller influencer and brands to be discovered. A 12-month marketing strategy was produce and developed further by creating visual mock-ups within a marketing booklet using strategies to connect with InfluenceMe’s targeted consumer effectively.

VIDEO A – InfluenceMe App Demo
VIDEO B – Seletcion of InfluenceMe Marketing Materials
VIDEO C – InfluenceMe Business Plan