Hannah Bridges

Hannah Bridges

COURSE: DESTINATIONS 2017 Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design for Performance 2017

TITLE: Costumier


“Hannah’s professionalism, skill and can do attitude really makes her shine.” Rebecca Knowles, 2017
“We found Hannah to be helpful, enthusiastic, keen to learn, open to suggestions and seemed keen to gain new skills.” Jo Milburn, 2016
I am an innovative costumier always striving to create a powerful impact with my work. From this degree and my experiences such as working with the Welsh National Opera and Birmingham Royal Ballet, I have gained many skills in costume construction. I have also been focusing my work around how I can use the advances in technology, such as 3D printing, into my costumes. I have a real passion for theatrical costume making using both modern and traditional techniques. I am an accurate machinist and creative maker who takes pride in the high quality finish of my garments.

The brief for this project was to replicate a Victorian riding habit, made to measure, using traditional techniques such as cutting on the stand. I purposely chose a military jacket with a faux waistcoat and gold braiding detail to challenge my technical ability.

To begin this project we read the book ‘Orlando’ by Virginia Woolf. A constant theme throughout is Orlando’s connection to the natural world around him especially the Oak Tree. I designed a sculptural dress inspired from the quotes
‘Burning with his own radiance, from a lamp lit within.’, ‘A million candles burnt in him.’ And ‘Ties his heart to an oak tree.’ The Dress was lined with strip LED lights around the steel crinoline and LED fairy light decoration traveling around the architectural structure

For Final Major Project I collaborated with Rebecca Knowles (Photographer) and Thomas Plant (3D printer), to create these made to measure tutus for Dancer Megan Amphlett. These two bespoke ballet costumes are inspired by the poem ‘The Goblin Market’ and designed from the concept of Purity vs Temptation. In the poem one sister stays pure whereas the other sister is tempted and drawn into the evils of the goblins and their forbidden fruit. The Costumes were made from the same base but developed to contrast each other, reflecting the story of the two sisters. I have been experimenting into the advances in technology and how they can be incorporated into my work. For this project I combined traditional making techniques such as cutting on the stand and classical tutu construction with technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing.

Hannah Bridges
Hannah Bridges

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