Hannah Beth Greenway

Hannah Beth Greenway
Hannah Beth Greenway

Hannah Beth Greenway

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Who am I?

As a recent graduate of BA(Hons)Fashion Branding and Communication with a keen interest in Sociology, I am seeking to secure employment in a Marketing, Branding, or Research role. Over the past three years, I have been able to explore a range of creative disciplines, including Trend Forecasting, Branding, Fashion Journalism, and Public Relations. I am a considerate, dynamic, and team-oriented creative who approaches any task or project with an open mind. I have a high level of enthusiasm for social and political issues and like to take an intersectional approach to all of my work.

Dissertation: Is the Fashion Industry and its consumers intentionally appropriating clothing associated with the working class?
My interest in sociological issues led me to combine this interest with fashion when writing my dissertation. I explored the relationship between social-class and clothing, examining the motivations behind brands and consumers appropriating the working class. Through a series of interviews and a focus group, I explored whether this appropriation was intentional or not, concluding that factors such as music, popular culture, politics, and status all contributed.

Independent Final Project: Aila Magazine
Continuing to combine social issues into my creative work, I collaborated with a freelance illustrator to produce an illustrated magazine aimed to empower women. Aila magazine is an overdue alternative to glossy magazines that covers everything from body-positivity to relationships. Building on this project, outside of the university, I launched an online shop for Aila and continue to promote female empowerment through the Aila Instagram page.

Brand generation: The Clean Up Project
I created a sustainable beauty and healthcare subscription box called The Clean Up Project. Researching contemporary brand culture and consumer analysis enabled me to recognise a gap in the market. Unlike other beauty subscription boxes, The Clean Up Project targets households rather than individuals. When subscribing, the customer specifies who will be using the box. For example, a 30-year-old mother and 18-month old baby so that the box is personalised to their needs.

Looking ahead, I see myself in a role that combines creative and strategic thinking. With my broad skill set and an open mind, a role in Marketing, Branding, or Research could hold opportunities for my future career. I would greatly value the opportunity to apply my creative and wider thinking to challenges ahead of me in the industry.