Hannah Allen

Hannah Allen

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2017



Berlin/ a growing hive of creativity and muse. Techno music artists past/ present and nightclubs alike provide opportunity for a minimal urban lifestyle.
Bowie and Kraftwerk live on today. Their style brought back and music never gone, living on in Berghain and Tresor.
OTT AW18 is a collection of oversized coats, jackets, trousers, shorts and basic sweaters complimented with hardware detailing. Carabiner clips, buckle clips and ratchet straps all add to the focus on detail for the current day ‘soviet youth’ male. ‘All black everything’ takes a literal stance here but combines itself with hints of dark greens and light beiges. OTT garments lend themselves to the outdoors and street lifestyle. The essence of being an OTT consumer is to essentially live the ‘over the top’ outdoor lifestyle with over the face necklines adding themselves to this branding phrase.

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