Hanah Lewin

Hanah Lewin

Hanah Lewin

COURSE: Fashion 2018 Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2018




Boys & Girls

The concept for my Children’s wear collection consists of the idea of different environments in which children play and what they choose to wear to explore their surroundings. Comparing different classes through history that wore formal attire with the ‘play’ clothes of modern day, children growing up, learning and playing in a street environment. Exploring childhood as a concept I wanted to portray the idea of how children enjoy impersonating their parents as a form of expression and play, using make believe to explore their parents lives through their own eyes. Expressing these ideas through garments looking at oversizing and tailoring. My collection is coherent to the idea of growing with your clothes incorporating drawstring sleeves so children won’t grow out of them as quickly and will last them as they grow. My garments incorporate both smart and casual aspects, this playful smart wear can be worn to various occasions.