COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



“Fashion itself is a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes. It expresses modernity, symbolising the spirit of the times.”

"With the huge purchasing power, millennials are the ideal audience for sustainable fashion."

The idea of U.L.A.B eco-fashion concept store establish in Shanghai is the final project for dissertation. It clearly explains the important of the eco-fashion and necessity for Chinese fashion market. It identified the major concept for U.L.A.B image, discussed how to target the consumers in China and decided some effective strategies to make shop popularity. It included 12 months financial forecasts which feasibility for the U.L.A.B. and use the 3D max mock up to display the concept store directly.

Except the final project, there are several works had been done during the university courses. The visual merchandising is one of the projects. The aim of it is to analyse key drivers, strategy and customer behaviour and turn these data into designs. Utilized Photoshop and 3D Sketchup to create an new store interior design, display window and visual merchandising effect. That can enhance self-promotional skills, time management and the proficiency of related soft wares. And for the international retailing sector, the Nando’s was concretely discussed. Conducted field trip in Shanghai to collect first-hand date for deeper insight of the local market, it can develop suitable marketing strategies for Nando to initiate in Shanghai market. This project can increase the data analysis and presentation skills.

The university provide the platform to increase the event management skills. In the second year, one event named the Black event is to raise the funds to charities. To sell cosmetics/skincare samples and chocolates on campus to get the event fund. All the members are effectively attracted participants and fund by positive interaction. And the event was successful and donated the fund to a charity group, all the members proud of themselves. According to this event, we got the team collaboration and problem-solving skills.