H e n n a R a n a .

H e n n a R a n a .

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“They grew up with technology attached, clicking a mouse before reading a book, taking computer classes in grade school and now expressing much of their lives on social media.”
"Are we close to making human mind control a reality?"
The central video showcases my Dissertation, which was an exploration of Publications both independent and mainstream investigating and exploring renewed platforms as the digital magazine is continuously growing in popularity, shifting away from the traditional printed volume. As an abundance of touch and multi sensory products integrate themselves into consumers lifestyles, would it be that the want for print has faded, interpreting real magazine content as insignificant?
The Internet has generously allowed both publishers and consumers to adopt a new way of distributing and consuming magazine content with the rise of technology and digital diversification taking place.

The left video showcases my Final Major Project app FLICK. FLICK is a magazine subscription service offering bespoke tailored content in association with Conde Nast, available as an extention within Harvey Nicholas onlline services.
The aim of FLICK is to become an ultimate universal magazine subscription service with all the best magazine content
avaliable at the ease of a click. Flick is a diverse print and digital portfolio offering something for everyone, classifying the sources you want, giving the publication industry a new lease of modern life making a subscription service apart of individuals everyday routines through the modern twists the app offers.

The right video showcases my Trend Forecasting project, ‘Intellect Mechanism’. The trend portrayed how our reliance our sources us becoming such a multifunctional factor, as scientists believe they can deliberately induce lucid dreams and control what others think. As technological innovation endeavours, humanity falls into a start of techno reliance and a new age bid for portable defence. Artificial manmade experiments reinforce a new age with a generation devoid of tradition and emotion. The faceless severity of a poisoned techno multitude marching towards an artificial landscape sees tensions heighten between the over indulgence of evolution and its in rein leaving being an exhausted and defiled panorama. Igniting the blazing flame to an impassioned power batter between man vs. machine.

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