Grace Oliver

Grace Oliver

Grace Oliver

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Embroidered Textiles 2020

Through the eyes of a diver | Colonies under threat

Inspired by the beauty of bleached coral reefs, this collection expresses the message that change still needs to happen. As coral bleaching is still an ongoing consequence of man-made pollution.

When designing the bleached coral in this project the aim was to use alternatives to traditional embellishment techniques, such as beads and sequins. The distinctive combination of clay, found materials and textile elements are hand crafted to make relationships and connections between form and surface texture, with the aim that each element of the work is individual and distinctive of the rest. The intention being to replicate and enhance the beauty of the complex creatures and living organisms that connect together to form the unique and ever-changing coral reefs that live in the oceans all over the world.

Using the view point of a divers journey through the waters and along a coral reef as inspiration for the work meant looking at the work in a new way. While carefully considering their journey and how their route can vary and follow in different paths helped to envision the work in its finished article and how it can be displayed in a distinctive way. When researching and discovering the different types of coral it gave new views into how much more the pieces can be developed to accurately represent the natural coral but on a more heightened scale.

The majority of the designs consist of a neutral colour palette to represent the bleaching of the coral, with subtle hints of colour to explore how a divers journey may come across sections which are healthy and haven’t yet experienced as severe bleaching. Other pieces have a completely white colour palette to ensure the severity of the issue is highlighted to the audience, with the aim to raise awareness even further.