Grace Duval

Grace Duval

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Grace Duval | Who is she?

Fashion Business & Promotion Graduate

Throughout my time studying I have learnt skills which have shown me exactly what my core strengths are and more importantly, where my passions lie.

Starting from my first module, I have focused on sustainability within the fashion industry. Looking at whether real or faux fur was more sustainable swiftly moved into an interest in sustainability in the fashion industry as a whole. Greenwashing, ethical supply chains and future sustainability within brands were focused on in every module; more specifically Trend Forecasting, International Retailing and my Independent Final Project concept, Refluence.

Refluence was born from my love of pre-loved fashion, and how recycling, reducing and rewearing our wardrobes can make a huge impact on how sustainable the fashion industry is. Currently, the fashion industry needs to cut their emissions by 50 percent to meet the Paris Climate agreement and focusing on how individual brands are contributing towards this is a large focus of mine.

I have written my blog, Grace’s Guide, for the past 7 years. What started off as a creative outlet has turned into my true passion. Writing about fashion, sustainability, trends, beauty and lifestyle weekly has become a great escape and source of inspiration. Since starting my final year, I have come to realise that writing is what I truly aspire to do and has to be involved in my future job role.

Throughout the past 3 years, I have gained amazing opportunities to expand my skillset and industry knowledge. These include travelling to Florence for the Pitti Oumo fashion fair, here I spent a week amongst the most prestigious menswear accessories brands, contributing articles for online magazines all about sustainability which has allowed me to broaden my writing styles and audiences; and university modules including Visual Merchandising have led me to present in front of Selfridge’s head creative departments, which was a pinch me moment.

My time at University and personal achievements have shaped my future career choice. Combining my love of the fashion industry with my personal love for writing; copywriting for a womenswear fashion brand is my dream graduate role.