Grace Douglas

Grace Douglas

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: The future for Generation Z


"To empower young people to thrive in this great digital transformation, education systems must bring focus to life long learning."
This collection of work showcases Buying & Merchandising module, Trends Forecasting and Final Major project. All of which are exploring and analysing into finding the true wants and needs of consumers.
Fashion Business & Promotion graduate at Birmingham City University, with future retail buying aspirations. Modules throughout this course has allowed me to gain key business skills with a creative edge.

Key dissertation research highlighted the need for a new way of learning for Generation Z. 43% of Generation Z prefer digital and internet learning, this identified a clear gap in the market for retail fashion online courses. With increasing tuition fees students crave cheaper more convenient ways to learn tailored to their lifestyles and digital needs. Eliminating outdated ways of learning and provides these knowledge hungry consumers with new innovative ways of gaining education and skills. Analysing consumer needs and market trends was key for this module. The bottom right video is a step by step guide on how to use and navigate around the website.

Other key modules include Buying & Merchandising and Trends Forecasting. The top video shows the development of a six piece clothing range created for River Island. Trend analysis, final colours, prints and silhouettes are shown with associated critical paths for the development and production of products. Highlighting key market and consumer analysis with key analytics was the backbone of this module, excel and IT skills also developed the detailed range.

Trends Forecasting shown in the bottom left allowed further development of skills gained. Analysis of key market trends and key drivers allowed development of a new sustainable concept, combining sustainability and technology for Spring/Summer 2016. The trend emerged through three phases, the book highlights the different texture, colour and shapes throughout each phase. A variety of skills were learnt throughout the modules, this provided essential skills and professional attributes to pursue a career within the buying industry.

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