Grace bentley

Grace bentley


Pathway: Design for Performance 2019


Final Major Project

My final collection has been an opportunity for me to push the limitations of Goldwork materials through methods usually practiced in the School of Jewellery. Christina Rossetti’s poem Goblin Market has inspired the rich, fruity hues and smooth shiny textures of glass beads, enamelling and metalwork displayed in my garment. The outfit [left] is a manifestation of the character’s coming of age and an insurgence against the Church’s insistence that innocence is better than experience. This concept has been inspired by the works of Philip Pullman.

The subject of my Dissertation and the techniques I have used were fuelled by my fervent belief that hand crafting, and especially hand embroidery, should be kept alive in English work. With such a rich history of both ecclesiastical and secular embroidery it would be a tragedy for us to lose this aspect of our cultural heritage and all the knowledge, skills and social history which it encompasses.

Pursuing a career in Hand Embroidery, I have always been drawn to closely worked detailing, particularly in beautifully crafted museum artefacts and textiles. I would hope to combine my passions for history and textiles and become a Costume Embroiderer for film and theatre.