Gina Johal

Gina Johal

Gina Johal

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020


Architectural Minimalism

Architectural Minimalism is a printed textile surface pattern collection, which injects vibrant and modern forms into interior spaces in the hospitality industry.

Bold shapes combined with fine textures are inspired by European architecture and metalwork structures, from nostalgic trips to Barcelona, Paris and Milan.

The Architectural Minimalism collection aims to bring life back to outdated hotels and restaurants. Utilising contemporary compositions and a vibrant colour palette intends to transform these interiors into more cheerful and social spaces. The proposed products vary from wallpaper murals, to hanging lampshades and upholstery, overall being a versatile collection for different interiors. This is highlighted through the digital visualisations which further showcase how the statement prints inject bold colour and shapes into the desired settings.

Each design within the collection has been hand crafted using collage techniques, in order to provide a variation of shapes, colours and textures. Incorporating textural elements adds more depth to the designs, as well as portraying rustic details of architecture and metalwork through a modern twist. This allows exterior details to be developed into designs aimed at interiors, therefore creating a link which consumers can appreciate. The mix of pastel and deep colours with graphic shapes provides a stylish and minimalistic aesthetic. Digital design enables a fusion of these elements, overall creating dynamic repeats which emphasise scale within printed surface patterns for interiors.