Gerda Ivanauskaite

Gerda Ivanauskaite

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Final Major Project

Brands ‘’misuse and misunderstand’’ the value of retail experience, therefore it has become ‘‘fake, forced or over engineered’’.

Consumers ‘‘now value experience over products and want memorable moments’’

About me:

I am a recent graduate in (BA) Hons Fashion business and Promotion where I hope to secure a job role within the Events sector, and eventually own a business/ service in the future. Throughout my degree especially in the FMP module I have gained some valuable skills and business insight which has effectively prepared me for the industry. I have also pursued in a variety of work experiences and employment regarding customer relations, leadership and sales which is crucial for the role I am going for.

Moreover, in my FMP I was able to expand my knowledge on consumers further, as I looked into different consumer profiles by finding out their needs/ wants, as well as learn about their personalities and behaviour regarding retail. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will help me in the future when working with clients.

Lastly, I used all these skills I gained including event management, creativity and consumer knowledge in my FMP in order to create an effective concept for a brand and design a potential event agency in the future.

Final major project:

For my final major project I developed a business called VEA (Vision Experience Agency) which has a core focus and passion of providing both educational and memorable moments for their clients and consumers.
This idea was influenced by the key drivers that I had researched in the competition module, which explains how brands are creating ‘’irrelevant and unmemorable’’ experiences. This has left consumers from Gen D and GEN VIZ tribe unsatisfied and bored (LSN Aleksandra Szymanska, Josh Walker et all Sebastien Van Laere 2017). The nature of the consumers is that they are extremely creative and adventurous therefore they want visual and interactive experiences that have value which VEA offers. Another trend that is becoming popular amongst young consumers is the demand in educational experience within a brand/ product. Primary and secondary research had stated that consumers would make purchasing decisions based on brand transparency, referring to their heritage and history of the product they are selling.

VEA has a strong USP as their objectives and values are to connect, inspire and deliver memorable and educational moments which is a new service in the industry, as well as reconnect consumers back with their favourite retailers. During the FMP module I also created a marketing strategy booklet which includes visuals to show how my brand will look in logo, website and social media platforms. I ensured VEA''s brand image would resemble a digital effect which would stand out to the consumers. I also created a hip hop (pop up) experience concept for Adidas showcasing their journey over the years to give an example of what VEA are capable of producing as an agency, as well as their advertising.

Video one (top): Marketing strategy
Video two (left): VEA's website -- outlining skills and services
Video three (right): VEA's pop up concept for Adidas