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Geraldine Penn

Geraldine Penn



Minimalism Lifestyle Publication

Dissertation - Final Major Project

Through the variety of modules, I have studied over my 3 years at BCU I have been able to explore multiple sectors and areas within the fashion industry allowing me a wide perspective. Through this exploration I have a strong understanding of past and current issues within the industry strengthening the direction and values I wish to progress with. With a strong desire to progress within buying I am especially keen to do this within the high-end high-street sector of the industry.


Title - “To explore the progression of genderless fashion through the presence of gender signifiers.”

Aim - “To explore what the future of genderless fashion is through the investigation into the concept of gender neutral within society and fashion and analysis of retail responses.”

My dissertation was a project I was especially excited about as I explored a subject I had wanted to develop into over the 3 years. The relationship between fashion and gender is something that has been prevalent in the industry for years and through my exploration into this I have developed a strong understanding of this relationship and its impact on retail. To conclude this research recommendations were made in relation to visual merchandising and further research.

Final Major Project

Through the recommendations from my dissertation different forms of ideation techniques were used which developed into a concept around minimalism. This project had four outcomes consisting of a business plan, Zine, style guide and a collaborations document. The business plan included research into key drivers of the concept along with competitor and market research to support its validity. A detailed break-down of the operation of the business was discussed with a calculated 12-month financial plan including a break-even analysis and 12-month marketing plan. A 50-page A5 zine was printed as a form of marking for the publication. This consisted of four sections discussing mental health, wellbeing, design and culture. This zine is aimed at Generation Z and Millennials who are yet to be targeted by competitors. A style guide was produced to express the aesthetic of the brand and publication along with a variety of mock-ups displaying a website, app and first edition of publication. A document detailing all industry and professional collaborations was also produced including Stacked Magazine, an architect graduate and a psychology MSc graduate who supported this project.