Georgina Marie Evans

Georgina Marie Evans

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Focus for MAC

Consumers are expected to go on a journey of optimisation, brands should stay relevant and current following this pathway.
Personalisation in every sector will stem from the molecular level. Consumers are expected to anticipate products and services to be tailored extensively to their physical and emotional needs. Brands are predicted to meet these needs, combining emotional data and hard data.
The concept of this new venture is based around the “Augmented Reality” trend.
A personalised futuristic retail journey for the MAC cosmetic consumer, with new purchasing experiences in store and at home. This concept is primarily targeted at generation D and the millennial population, who it is proven have a thirst for innovation and new technology.
The concept is achieved through face recognition mirrored booths, in the MAC artistry sections of flagship stores, connected to a polaroid picture print out system.
The mirror is connected to an iPad where the consumer can sign up to the MAC application for smart phones, in addition with capturing data from each customer and adding in payment information for ease of purchase through scanning their debit/ credit card into the iPad.
When happy with a look or several looks on the mirror, the consumer can print out the look from the mirror onto a polaroid. The first printout is free, if the consumer would like to print more, there is a charge per print out. The polaroid will show the makeup look on the front, and products on the back. The picture will have a brand name and hashtag below the makeup image for customers to post and share their images on social media for a chance to enter competitions, and simply show themselves .
The consumer has a choice whether to order through their app, or through their printed receipt in store, scan able on the iPad for them to collect at the counter, by specially selected pickers.

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