Georgina Hadfield

Georgina Hadfield

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Individuality Vs Conformity


For the social and human sciences, the problem of possessive individualism is the creation of a division between the individual and society
Technology is an integral part in society and is ever revolutionising to keep up with current trends.
I am a recent graduate from Birmingham City University where I studied BA Fashion Business and Promotion. Throughout the three years of studying this course modules varied from, Trends forecasting to Events Management and Buying onto my final year, producing a 6,000 word Dissertation on a personal choice topic and finishing at the end of the year with developed outcome of my Final Major Project.

Events Management was a highlight module for me as it was to produce a Charity event for St Basil's homeless charity. My group and I fundraised for several weeks with a raffle table, selling confectionary etc in order to gain funds for the event. Our event was Charity Shoot with a raffle and refreshments included.We sold 60 tickets to a targeted consumer, each being £100. This allowed us to comfortably pay for the facilities and use of products at the venue. Overall, the Event was a huge success raising a total of £1,250 for the charity.

The FMP was our own individual brief with my concept being A Virtual Experience within Topshop store. It was to create a multi-featured experience of standing infront of a virtual screen, choose an item(s) you would like to try and through a 3D body scanner, it uploads the item onto your body on the screen without removing your clothes. It is quick, efficient and interactive with time being a value aspect of life but also technology being incorporated into fashion has emerged and its technology is the way of life in this day and age. It allowed me to develop a variety of skills using inDesign, excel, photoshop etc to produce the final piece. Critical thinking and analysis was used when creating the FMP with formulas used when building the Financial Forecast.

My desired career would to follow the Events module and become an Events Manager. My organisation skills have developed throughout all modules and I thoroughly enjoy organising events, with great satisfaction at the end after all hard work has paid off with a great effective event. The Skills I have learnt from this module would be hugely benefitted in an events role, with possible future of being involved in fashion events.

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