Georgina Collings

Georgina Collings

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Redefining the in-store experience

‘Consumers want an escape to the country and the lifestyle to go with it.’ (LS:N)

‘British fashion has history, eccentricity, uniqueness and charm.’

People are increasingly spending their extra money on leisure and experiences; as a result department stores are rethinking the in-store experience. Physical retail needs to evolve to allow for the rising influence of ecommerce and digital domination. Digital experiences in-store have become increasingly popular amongst consumers. Adapting to these digital advances will allow brands to stay relevant within the competitive market place, with the aim to tap into a wide tech savvy consumer base.

In order to engage with new consumer tribes, such as the Rurban Revolutionaries, retailers are now redefining retail environments. These consumers are fed up with the city lifestyle, and are inspired by ideas of the good life; they plan to adopt a ‘slower’ lifestyle. By targeting consumers groups through this tribe such as Millennials and Generation X, will allow the opportunity to address a gap in the market.

A hypothetical concept store was created for my Final Major Project. This project culminated in a collaboration between Barbour, a global brand defining the essence of true British style, and Liberty a popular British department store, in celebration of Barbour’s 125th Anniversary. Proposing the idea of creating a retail space, blending both the public and private spheres, with the aim to transform a store into an apartment/cottage style boutique creating a more intimate shopping experience for customers.

The three years at university have allowed to develop in depth knowledge regarding marketing aspects within the fashion industry. I am now actively seeking to secure a role within this sector.