Georgia Willson

Georgia Willson

Georgia Willson





I am a Fashion Business & Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University, ready to start a career and thrive within the fashion industry. Throughout my degree I have developed numerous skills in marketing, events, buying, merchandising and many more. As well as this, I have also gained technical skills on Adobe programmes such as InDesign, Photoshop and XD. After having relevant experience within retail and head offices, I have decided to seek a career within the buying sector.


During my Final Major Project, I was able to explore my entrepreneurial skills further by creating a new innovative business. My start-up company was a premium multi-destination travel platform called ‘WanderScape’, which had many unique features. The project was communicated through a professional business plan, as well as numerous mock ups of the mobile app and website.

WanderScape is a premium travel booking platform which creates a personalised experience for individuals who have the desire to travel to multiple destinations. The online platform ultimately aims to encourage consumers to achieve their travel goals and explore new destinations, as well as experience new cultures. The experience economy has proven to have consistent growth, due to the popularity of travel experiences. Therefore, I saw an opportunity for my innovative new platform to bring something new to the market.

“Millennials are more interested in spending their money on self-enriching experiences than gratuitous displays of wealth” (Smith, 2016).

“They are looking for experiences that provide them with a lasting impression” (, 2017).

The chosen target consumer for WanderScape is the Millennial generation. Research has shown that Millennials would take great interest in this premium business idea, due to the fact that expectations and standards are consistently on the rise for this generation. Also, with personalisation proving highly popular and successful for Millennials, WanderScape would be a memorable company for keen travellers to explore.

Throughout this module, I was able to collaborate with various industry experts, which allowed me to complete my final outcomes with more professional knowledge behind me.