Georgia Leigh Morgan

Georgia Leigh Morgan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



"The right outfit can work like a suit of armor to give you that extra boost you need" (Vasilieva, 2019)

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate aspiring to find a role within the creative, digital marketing sector. Through my degree I have gained extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and developed a variety of transferable skills. I particularly enjoyed marketing focused modules and therefore made this a key focus for my dissertation and final major project. My dissertation explored ‘femvertising’ and whether feminism is being exploited and weaponised in today’s capitalist society.

My degree modules covered a wide range of topics including; marketing, PR, trends-forecasting, buying & merchandising, international retailing and FMP. Through this I have advanced my researching, presenting and academic report writing skills. During assignments, I have created campaigns, content and liaised with industry experts all of which have prepared me for a pro-active, fast paced, creative environment.

‘Feminism or Capitalism; A study of “femvertising” the exploration of authenticity behind femvertising adverts and campaigns. To determine whether brands have contributed to an illusion of progress through faux femvertising.

A range of research and sources were used as I explored the relationship between companies promoting feminism positively and those who were profiteering off the popularity of feminist ideals. This involved investigating a variety of campaigns, whilst scoping their inhouse practices to determine if the ideals they promote align with their core values.

For my FMP I created the brand Armure from scratch assisted by creative collaborations. Armure is a women’s workwear brand that offers contemporary, high-fashion designs. In connection to my dissertation research, I marketed the brand as purpose driven, creating branding that encourages, supports and celebrates working women. The brand donates 15% from each sale to female employment focused charities that are chosen quarterly. Alongside the collection is the Armure Studios, where consumers are able to shop the collection and work in the creative, collaborative environment. Armure’s quarterly publication titled “Armurezine” updates its consumers with new capsule collections, charity information and upcoming networking event.

I am excited to enter the marketing industry and start my career with all the tools, skills and experience I have learned from my time at BCU.