Georgia Griffiths

Georgia Griffiths

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Buying | Merchandising | Marketing

A women who defines time as being the ultimate luxury with technology becoming a necessity to enhance wellbeing.

With buying & merchandising being the main influence for studying at university, elements of buying influenced my final major project. With the issues discovered from dissertation research, of how counterfeit goods affect the luxury market. A new business concept was created in order for luxury companies to purchase to stop their designs from being counterfeited. The video on the with the iPhone shows how the new business Scantic works, and direct consumers to interact with their purchases.

The second and third videos showcases the buying module. Collaborating with the brand Whistles I created a dresses range for S/S 17 collection. I explored key shapes, silhouettes, fabric and texture compositions, colour palettes, sourcing information, sizing ratios and participating in multiple competitive shops before producing the final outcome. Analysing upcoming fashion trends and emerging markets enabled create a successful range which would be suitable for the Whistles consumer.

With three years experience of fashion business and promotion, the course has educated me with a variety of different skills and knowledge which can be adapted towards industry. Especially within the buying field which I want to pursue as a future career.