Georgia Bailey

Georgia Bailey

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


Alter Ego

'The Real You'

'The Real You' explores the social media culture that exists today within 'Generation Z'. Research found that social media can impact how users perceive their body image, with social media showcasing a 'correct body image' people can feel the need to change their appearance to conform to this image. Artist visuals explore this concept through the manipulation of facial features.

With this in mind I wanted Alter Ego to allow the wearer to express their individuality by making the collection heavily print orientated paired with bold block colours. Incorporating the themes above the prints were made from aspects of the face people most commonly choose to change about their appearance. The final collection displays a range of autumn winter garments with the main design features being loose fabric strips and tie gather details, manipulating the fabric in a way that represents social media users changing their appearance.