Genevieve Bowen

Genevieve Bowen

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Oh So You - Final Major Project

During my three years studying Fashion Business and Promotion, valuable and transferable skills have been developed, enhanced and transferred into brief outcomes. To which I can now implement these skills as I actively apply for marketing roles, with a particular interest in digital marketing and copywriting. I am passionate about creating social media content, tracking marketing trends as well as understanding brand purpose and how this can be translated to customers. During my Final Major Project, I developed a brand strategy to identify and build growth within my approach, driving the ideation forward to create cohesive and creative outcomes.

Final Major Project:
“Oh So You” is a personalised lifestyle subscription service focused on ensuring customers have an accurate sense of self and ultimately purchase the products to reflect this. The services connection to customers is through an app designed to incorporate a personality test created from the Big 5 psychology testing system, this would then categorise the user. After choosing a subscription plan the customer will receive a box of five products selected to complement and enhance their personality type.

Oh So You targets Millennial women. These digital natives have a natural knowledge of the internet, however, with the vast amount of product on the market, consumers can often make unnecessary purchases that ignore mindful consumption. Therefore, when targeting products to millennials knowing what they want to buy and how to appeal to their reward systems are crucial to developing lasting B2C relationships. Advertising provides a structure which is capable of transforming the language of people. This demonstrates that in order to effectively communicate with consumers, the products have to appeal to the internal language and functions of the consumer, through personality traits, friends and families.

This is demonstrated in the marketing created for this concept. Beginning with a road tour to initially gain consumers and encourage word of mouth advertising. This marketing tactic would be used to show the process of the service. Social media is key for connecting with consumers by posting promotional offers or answering any queries, gaining feedback and showcasing blogger content. Therefore, an Instagram page and blogger outreach were essential to brand success.