Gemma Pemble

Gemma Pemble




Social media health from a young age.

Research carried out within my dissertation, which centred around internet subcultures, has pointed towards the idea that current social media platforms have been causing the younger demographics to feel higher rates of anxiety and depression, due to the constant comparisons and showcasing a ‘fake reality’. Therefore my final major project focused on an idea which could tackle these obstacles, it was from this idea which Bloop was conceptualised.

Bloop is a business which aims to tackle these issues, by removing material elements and targeting people ages 9 and up in order to instil social media health from an early age. The user will choose or build an avatar instead of uploading a profile picture. This will be achieved through the use of avatars or characters that take the place of the human. These characters will form the user’s digital identity without revealing the physical attributes of the user themselves, meaning the pressures to look a certain way are almost diminished within this app, as the characters bare no resemblance to reality. These characters will also provide a digital identity for the users, meaning they will be able to take a step back from the pressures felt by current social media, whilst still maintain contact with friends.

The app will also feature the elements which are popular within social platform apps today such as messaging, which research suggested was one of the most popular feature for children using social platform sites. The ability to create and share live event planning with interactive maps is also integrated within the app to encourage 'in real life' engagement, and also the ability to use augmented reality when using the camera feature within the app, which will feature the users avatars within the camera frame.

The branding and design has all been carefully curated with an idea of fun and simplicity in order to compete with other platforms on the market which present their platforms in a crowded, unorganised manner and create difficulties in the usability.

About me\\
A curious mind with analytical abilities, a strong sense of aesthetics and commercial awareness. Experience in formally presenting ideas and reading statistical data. Good time management from working part time alongside full time education. I have a strong interest in cultural trends, and a knack for spotting patterns through a sea of disjointed data. My personal hobbies include film photography, music and writing. Currently seeking employment within a creative marketing and branding environment in order to build upon my skills for creative thinking and problem solving.