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Feed Me More

Although we believe to be aware of everything that is going on in our immediate environment, humans are nearly unconscious of what is going around them in present time.” (Wilson, 2017).

Through an exploration into three fundamental areas of research; looking into new age communication, community growth and connecting to umwelt, a concept was created as a reaction of these key drivers. From a biologists’ perspective, the term ‘Umwelt’ refers to the world around us, whether that being our environment or our surroundings we are able to perceive by our senses. (The Origins of Creativity, 2017). This lack of consciousness into our surroundings suggested a need for a new source of information, to enable consumers to reconnect to themselves, the world around us and the communities in which we live.

Feed Me More; a bi-annual independent publication to help inspire and engage consumers towards this connection, allows for stories, interviews, photography, artwork and personal essays to be shared through a physical magazine alongside an app, which through the use of AR will allow for consumers to view digital content alongside articles. Those featured within the magazine will provide a means of motivation for the reader, creating a space which allows for consumers to feel inspired to reach connection towards the loss of contact from umwelt. By engaging with three key consumer groups; including Millennials and tribes Gen Vis and Life Long Learners, Feed Me More will create a community which allows for voices to be shared and opinions to be heard. These groups have been identified as key consumers who seek for a deeper insight into learning how to improve their quality of life and how others are seeking to do so.

Through development of this Final Major Project, a magazine was created alongside an app mock up, design guidelines and a business plan.