Geeta Gohil

Geeta Gohil

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



“42% of Millennials want to know about the products they buy; from product provenance to their sustainable impact" (Mintel, 2018)

In a new era of conscious consumerism; social responsibility and transparency needs to become key principles for fashion businesses.

The rise of conscious consumerism has evolved a new consumer movement and is implicating a subsequent shift in businesses sustainable and ethical change. The fashion industry has already begun to perceive new methods to fix the broken fashion business model, reflected from the tragic events of Rana Plaza in 2013. Additional factors such as the economic recession in 2008 and the ever so changing environment resulted in a shift in consumer attitudes and ideologies. Consumer began to re-evaluate their purchasing habits and understand the value of their products; resulting to a shift from traditional mass consumption ideology. This paradigm shift is challenging fashion brands to make better CSR strategies by becoming transparent, incorporating advanced technologies and increasing engagement.

Crypto is a start-up business to business service that has one of the worlds advancing technology; Blockchain. The service will be implemented within retailers to help the transparency of product manufacturing and generate a sustainable communication of the fashion supply chain direct to the consumer. This ground-breaking concept will allow consumers to explore a products journey in-store from raw material through to store delivery, presenting them with product and supply chain transparency, which will allow the consumer to make well- informed decisions on their purchases. Crypto’s core marketing strategy revolved around digital marketing, social media and a launch collaboration that involves an event. The launch of Crypto will take place with leading department store John Lewis, which aims connect consumers and brands, bring greater convenience in consumers shopping experience and implement a transparent outlook in fashion. An opportunity for Crypto to launch with a business who are always looking to evolve their business through investments of innovation. John Lewis was the first chosen client to launch the platform with as their potential platform given for start-up technology businesses can enable them to branch out within the market and aim to bring innovation to retail.

Studying BA Hons Fashion Business and Promotion has allowed me as an individual to learn, develop and reflect on various invaluable skills and knowledge of all areas of the fashion industry. It was not until the beginning of third year that I found my purpose to aspire a career in Fashion Marketing and Communications through my unique skills and knowledge gained through relevant modules. I was able to strengthen and showcase my creativity, Adobe package, commercial and business awareness including Market Trends and consumer behaviour through my final year work; including Dissertation Research that consisted of Consumer analysis, Key drivers, market trends and critical thinking. Alongside aligning my business acumen with innovative research and technical skills in my Final Major Project that resulted in generating a business plan, marketing strategy, app, functioning website and mock-ups of social media and promotional activity within its Marketing strategy.

The first landscape video above showcases the journey of the evolvement of the concept of my final major project through research from the dissertation, key driver research, consumer analysis to developing a business plan and marketing strategy booklet of Crypto.
The portrait video is a tour of two major outcomes of my Final Major Project; Crypto’s app and a functioning website. The second landscape video is a page turner of my dissertation and its research that led to the ideation of Crypto.