Gabrielle Edwards

Gabrielle Edwards

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



"Vegan products are capturing the imagination of consumers on health-related, ethical and religious grounds.” Emma Clifford, Mintel 2018

(BA Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate with a keen interest and experience in the hospitality industry, seeking an entry level role in the marketing sector.

Due to the nature of the Fashion Business and Promotion course, varied modules such as Digital Marketing, International Retailing and Events Management have all been studied, which has led to a wide range of skills and knowledge both creatively and academically.

Through extensive research into trends and key drivers within the chosen sector, a proposal for a marketing campaign for All Bar One, called 'Vegan on-the-road', was pitched alongside an extensive research document. This was then developed throughout the FMP, leading to a Business Plan and Marketing Strategy, alongside expansion of the pre-existing loyalty app with new user guidelines.

The concept was developed around offering consumers education on vegan foods through a range of medias, as well as holding exciting events at bars throughout the UK. Veganism is sometimes a misunderstood trend, with many referring to it as a ‘fad’, however primary and secondary research suggests we have not even touched the surface of how big this will be in the future. Therefore, now is the prime time for leading brands to gain vital market share and customer loyalty, before it becomes a standard within the mass market.

Hospitality, particularly in bars and restaurants, has stereotypically always been kept confined to the four walls of a site, however consumer’s new expectations means alternatives need to be offered to stay on top of consumer engagement and spending habits.

Vegan on-the-road’s main aim is to be in consistent communication with consumers. Whether this be through social media, a Friday night drink, or spotting the branded food truck at a local train station or festival – All Bar One becomes a familiar face. As having honest and transparent intentions is key in todays market, the introduction of detailed menus, the ability to download recipes and weekly nutritionist advice through blogs and vlogs makes Vegan on-the-road perfect for health and ethically conscious consumers.

Video A: Marketing Strategy of the Vegan on-the-road campaign
Video B: All Bar One Loyalty App expansion for the campaign
Video C: Presentation pitch for the FMP proposal