Gabija Milasiute

Gabija Milasiute

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



My passion for researching inclusivity during the Major Project undoubtedly led me to create an inclusive beauty platform for Independent Final Project called Younity Beauty. The platform instead of showcasing regular ‘beauty standard’ demonstrates a beauty, which may be unexpected or undiscovered.

Via participation in the Major Project and Independent Final project I have developed eager interest in the marketing and design sectors. As I am passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic about design and marketing, therefore seeking a job in these sectors. During Major Project and Independent Final Project, I carefully analysed the retail beauty sector in numerous locations: Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Milton Keynes. This allowed me to tacitly understand the consumers’ wants and needs and how brands are catering towards them.

My Major Project was about ‘Investigating Inclusivity Within Cosmetic Industry’ this allowed to understand how brands are evolving their marketing campaigns. To universally appeal towards diverse range of consumer. It is crucial for a brands to be inclusive because advertising accurately reflects our inner values and has the power to portray how the consumers views their own self-worth. Therefore, it is significant to ensure brand marketing is inclusive.

Lastly, in my Independent Final Project, I strategically designed a unique platform Younity Beauty. It is a premium database, a beauty app and a website, allowing individuals to self-express and to be inclusive towards everyone. It is a service for professional make-up artists interested in unconventional beauty. Younity Beauty service allows to track upcoming make-up trends. The app and the website provides a service of inclusive and multi-cultural beauty by efficiently generating products used on models allowing users to purchase the product.The ultimate aim is to provide a service for make-up artists to express their creativity and promote inclusivity within the beauty industry. This would allow individuals to express themselves and allowing unlimited options to draw inspiration from. It would include various individuals differentiating in race, age and gender.The app and website will allow make-up artists to promote distinctive individuality and self-expression through cultural diversity.