Freya Maddaleana Davies

Freya Maddaleana Davies

Freya Maddaleana Davies

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Forma di Bottega Veneta

Independent Final Project

A creative concept for Bottega Veneta furniture

Luxury fashion brands are evolving.

Today, it is now more important than ever for luxury brands, fashion brands in particular, to not only provide exquisite products and services but to also provide a lifestyle, one which not only delivers but inspires and connects consumers to the brands they love.

‘Forma’ addresses this, envisioning the Bottega way of life where functionality works in harmony with beauty and vigour, to create a series of unique furniture pieces which bring the Bottega brand closer to its consumers.

My decision for applying the creative concept of Forma to the Bottega Veneta brand was taken out of the significant fondness I have for the brand, as it is unique and I believe the brand is yet to become one of the luxury industry's most successful rising stars. This project allowed me to develop my understanding of such a high-profile brand through collaboration, where I worked closely with a Bottega designer to develop the concept.

An avid enthusiast for luxury, my desire to work within the industry stems largely from my immediate family, having been surrounded by the industry for many years due to the career paths of my parents. However, succeeding this is my genuine interest and intrigue into such an indulgent industry. Some define luxury as possessing pretentious connotations, however to me it inspires, excites and innovates, constantly pushing the boundaries to make luxury brands the pinnacle of modern day design. I have long considered myself to be somewhat of a socialite, thriving in busy environments and connecting with new people, therefore I hope to pursue a future career path in public relations, combining this with my enthusiasm for luxury brands.