Freya Hannay

Freya Hannay



“When are we going to get fashion?”

“In most high-street stores, the plus-size section is an afterthought: a cramped space, hidden deep in the bowels of the shop. In luxury stores, it is non-existent”

A personal connection to the inclusivity movement provoked an in-depth research study for a dissertation into sizeism within the fashion industry, particularly focusing on luxury brands and why they alienate the plus-size market. The study was eye opening and the recommendations that were concluded from the Dissertation guided in forming the basis of ideas for my projects throughout final year.

Final Major Project:
The concept was a joint venture between US luxury size-inclusive multi brand Ecommerce platform 11 Honoré, and British Luxury department store Harvey Nichols, to launch a range of size-inclusive luxury wear in to cater to the underserved plus size market. The womenswear range focuses on empowerment through a selection of staple workwear pieces that embrace a more experimental approach to shape, colour and styling

Sizing and fit are at the forefront of the range to ensure that consumer demands are met. Colour and key shapes for this range are inspired by WGSN’s Spring/Summer 2020 trend ‘Empower Up!’. The theme of empowerment runs throughout the range, embracing women of all sizes reclaiming workwear on their terms in a step towards inclusivity.

This will be beneficial in challenging the stereotypes that plus size clothing cannot be luxurious or fashionable. Launching the range as a joint venture between Harvey Nichols and 11 Honoré bridges 11 Honoré’s in depth knowledge into garment production and size extension, with Harvey Nichols’ keen eye for expertly edited fashion with the sourcing of cutting-edge designer pieces. The range will fill the gap in the market for luxury wear in larger sizes.

My Work:
The outcomes of my Final Major Project included a Business Plan, Range Plan, and Marketing Guide which highlighted the appropriate methods of engaging with the niche market.

My work reflects my strong passion to pursue a career in fashion Buying through in-depth study of critical paths, lead times, fabrics and future trends research. The plus size market’s million pound annual turnover coupled with its growing recognition in the media and amongst influencers identify it as one to watch. This was an important factor throughout my work in final year, as for buyers it is crucial to understand and identify emerging trends in industry before anyone else.

Video 1 (Top): Concept
Video 2 (Left): Harvey Nichols x 11 Honoré range garments
Video 3 (Right): Final Major Project - Business Plan, Range Plan & Marketing Guide.