Frederick Enoh

Frederick Enoh

Frederick Enoh

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



"The Epitome of E-sports, Fashion and Lifestyle." - PNCL


A Graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion, aiming to bridge together fashion and e-sports in the UK and be the support that talented, upcoming gamers/content creators need in order to take their abilities to the next level and prosper.

Final Major Project:

Pinnacle (PNCL) is the first UK lifestyle and gaming organisation. PNCL acts as a creative outlet for gamers to share their passions for gaming, via various forms of content creation whilst also implementing an exclusive lifestyle through premium streetwear. With the majority of video game players being Late Millennials and Early Gen Z ( – 2019), it is evident that they have become invested in the gaming/E-sports community.“By 2020, there are expected to be almost 300 million frequent viewers of E-sports worldwide, a vast increase from 58 million in 2012.” (Gough, 2019)

PNCL is the epitome of E-sports, fashion, and lifestyle. Enabling gamers to reach their potential, whether they game casually or plan to pursue a professional career in E-sports. The rise of the E-sports industry has been phenomenal as “the popularity of video games” and “growing awareness about E-sports” has been on the upsurge. Such an increase has been achieved due to the healthy growth of online gaming, as “the number of online console gamers is expected to grow to 57 million by 2020 and the market for PC online games alone is projected to reach a value of around 33.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2019”. ( – 2019)


This research provides useful insight and understanding of the influences of E-Sports on the fashion industry as well as gamers’ perceived ideas on fashion partnering with the gaming community to bring more individuality to the virtual experience. As a result of this, empirical descriptive research was conducted, as it proved to be essential throughout this study. “Descriptive studies employing the empirical method involve observation of a phenomenon in its natural setting. Data are gathered by participant or non-participant observation, as well by open-ended or structured interview schedules or questionnaires. The raw data gathered in a descriptive study may be qualitative and/or quantitative” (Fawcett and Downs, 1986). Therefore, an empirical descriptive research method was key at the beginning of the research plan.