Francis Rose Bryant

Francis Rose Bryant

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Francis Bryant Portfolio

"You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit."

This collection of creative outcomes displays just some of the work i created whilst at university, including my dissertation, Buying and merchandising and Digital marketing branding and PR.

A recent graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion business and promotion from Birmingham city university looking to pursue a career in PR and Events also A highly experienced retail professional with over 10 years experience, including main role as a retail store key holder gaining great management and leadership skills hoping to build on all skills and experience to find my dream role in a company.

Dissertation - What is plus size?
The purpose of the dissertation was to explore body image and how it is becoming an increasingly more evident issue for girls and women worldwide, it is important now to investigate the reasons behind and the implications of assigning a specific measurement to plus size in fashion, especially a dress size that society does not see as being a large size such as a size 14. The average size for a woman in the UK is a size 16 yet many plus size ranges start from a size 14. The main motive for conducting a research dissertation on the plus size debate was to get more of an understanding on what plus size is and although being a “plus size” is much more acceptable, why it is still frowned upon in the fashion industry.
In conclusion there was no doubt that plus size fashion is still a huge subject in the fashion industry and in society however the positive changes are obvious and the acceptance of plus size is definitely moving forward. Fashion retailers are starting to realise this and in order to reach their mass market things need to continue to change. Retailers have a huge opportunity to make a change and have an impact on the fashion world and can also use plus size fashion as a beneficial marketing tool. Plus size fashion is on the rise and its here to stay.

Buying and Merchandising - Floral Fantasy
This project allowed me to use a range of different skills I assessed marketing trends and consumer demands for a fast fashion high street retailer, i then developed a Mens tops product range this allowed me to enhance my illustrator/CAD skills i also presented my range plan which was supported by critical paths, creative package and a trend direction

Digital Marketing, Branding and PR - Forever 21
A marketing strategy was developed to raise awareness of Forever 21 in the UK a pop up store was created to visit cities all over the UK, To promote this on their social media platforms and to get the business name out there on advertisements such as billboards, bus stops, buses and the tube. A Timeline was created as to how this would all take place and to show what cities the pop up store would visit and when. These strategies were all mocked up, SWOT analysis were also created to try and measure any strengths and weaknesses in the marketing plan.