Francesca Wainwright

Francesca Wainwright

Francesca Wainwright

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Constructed Textiles 2020

Perceptions of Place

A lens through which to observe the slow time of mountains.

A grouping of textile art outcomes that explore the ways that our perception of an environment is influenced by the quick and the fleeting.

Beyond narratives about reconnecting with nature, the ways in which a place is considered significant and the paths that traverse a landscape form the bedrock from which this project was formed. A place is specific, built of all the threads that make up the landscape and the experience of being in a place is different depending on the weather, the season, the direction of the wind, which path is taken.

Hand spun yarns of differing material and colour qualities have been explored in order to capture a sense of place. These yarns in combination with other natural fibres have been selected in order to suggest the different atmospheres created from the interweaving of a landscape with that which influences our perception of it.