Francesca Grant

Francesca Grant

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Generation Indie

Customers buy for their reasons not the marketers.
Exploring and understanding the why is like seeing a target market with new eyes.
Exploring the theory of retail resorts and immersive experiences within the retail environment and questioning how these can be translated to the ephemeral customer. The dissertation study provides insights into customer loyalty, multi-sensory marketing and reaches market driven outcomes that will prove beneficial to the retail industry.

Further reinforcing the consumer demand for convenience retail, the final major project reflects upon the dissertation findings and responds directly to the consumer demand specifically in the area of Kent. Generation Indie is designed and developed to serve as a business-to-business service exclusively to the independent stores and entrepreneurs of Kent. It acts as a conversational, relationship building platform whereby store owners can give their store a new lease of life, whilst start-up brands can acquire physical space; even if only temporary.

The ever-changing face of marketing and consumer behaviour is the biggest pull factor as to why I want to pursue a career in the CRM and marketing sphere. The constant advancement of technology, the economy and sales channels all add to the excitement of the fast pace that the career offers. Identifying consumer demand relative to a scope of products and services is a passion of mine whilst developing ways in which the consumer will purchase, enabling a business to make a profit, comes second-nature. Designing creative and captivating marketing campaigns applied strategically based on commercially driven decisions has been shown through my position as a CRM and Marketing superstar at Amelix, my range of work experiences as well as my work produced during my time at University.

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