Flora Hook

Flora Hook

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Final Major Project - Uewser - News App

Uewser is the first social media based app created solely for the purpose of reading the news.

Creating a personalised, communicative, visually stimulating news experience for the Gen Z consumer.

Final Major Project based on the concept of a brand new social media based news app called Uewser. Much like instagram the design of the app is easy and clean to look at but also has all the personalised news a person could need. The Final Major project included and extensive business plan entailing all functions and uses of the app as well as market research, consumer profiles, 12 month financial plan. The business plan is accompanied by a visuals booklet showing mock-ups of all marketing material such as - newspaper hand outs, advertisements, pop-up stores and instagram posts. To complete the package a style guide was created to enhance brand identity and ensure effective use of branding.