Firuza Thompson

Firuza Thompson




"Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." Indian Proverb

I am a recent graduate of a BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion course at Birmingham City University. During my final year I have been able to focus my research into my passion to drive industry to be sustainable.

My final year dissertation investigated minimalist lifestyles, and posed the question, “A minimalist lifestyle – the answer to overconsumption and a sustainable future? This research was driven from my desire to understand how as a society, pollution of the sea, air and land can be stopped, and how the use of natural resources can again be sustainable.

My Final Major Project (FMP) was developed from this dissertation research, and I focused on the travel industry, and how the activity in this sector impacts on the future of the planet. My FMP Business Proposal was for the development and promotion of a smartphone App that offered eco-friendly and well-being holidays. The unique selling point for the App was that the holiday destination was generated by making a series of selections for the type of activity or experience desired. This was enhanced by making further choices on criteria such as the eco-friendliness of the travel method, hotel activity or food served. The booking process was turned upside down, with a destination revealed at the end of the process.

I am now searching for opportunities in International Sales and Marketing.

I speak 4 languages (English, Russian, Turkish and Iranian), and have 6 years’ experience working in a retail fashion environment. With the completion of this BA (Hons) in Fashion, Business and Promotion, I believe I have a skill set to offer UK businesses wanting to enter new markets, or perhaps a Russian or Turkish company interested in expanding into English speaking countries. The sustainable products area of fashion remains the sector of industry in which I would like to work; promoting new materials and methods of working, to bring about change in an industry I love.