Fayza Khota

Fayza Khota

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: A n a q a

An exploration of the Modest movement and its impact upon fashion businesses in the United Kingdom.
The Modest movement arose from the three Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam that have influenced the Modest fashion sector to develop.
Cultural diversity in the United Kingdom has lead to an increase in demand for modest attire. My brand ANAQA is defined as elegance in Arabic, this has emerged from diffusing Western and Middle Eastern design concepts that adhere to the boundaries within modest fashion. ANAQA provides an online website offering modest apparel aimed at females from the millennial generation at an affordable price point for an everyday clothing line. ANAQA focuses on empowering women through appreciation of their culture and beliefs. This brand originated from extensive research conducted through the modest fashion dissertation, which has lead to the formation of a detailed business plan along side a full 360 marketing plan including a promotional video.

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