Faye Fletcher

Faye Fletcher

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Final Year Projects


An investigation into the media's portrayal of beauty ideals. To what extent does social media affect young female's confidence and individuality?
“Try every day to be confident and love yourself - it’s one of the first things that matters when it comes to pulling off any style.”
This dissertation researches the pressures young girls feel in order to follow trends and conform to the idealistic representation of what desirable women should look like. It documents the reduction of expression of individuality through personal style, due to the fear of judgement for being different to the media’s imposed standards.

The effect this can have on young females is demoralising, yet there is still so little in order change it. With all its limitations, individuality is the difference in the world. It pushes innovations and maintains the core of identity. Without it, everyone would be the same.

In an effort to improve self-acceptance within Generation Z, focusing on teenage boys and girls aged 14 - 17; YOUTH aims to educate and stimulate, create unity and acceptance, embrace diversity, promote creativity and originality, and encourage confidence. YOUTH is a fashion-based educational and social service run through Topshop/Topman which features workshops and an exclusive app for members only which works similarly to social media platforms, enabling users to keep up to date on current trends, blog what they do/learn and connect with other users.

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