Faith Carter

Faith Carter

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2017

TITLE: Fashion Stylist & Creative Director for KNOTS magazine

Faith Carter
Fashion Stylist & Creative Director
Within this body of work, you will see a unique and innovative outlook within styling and creative direction. A mixture of distinctive garments, unusual set design and natural locations brings a raw and fresh take on the fashion industry within styling. New ideas and eccentric concepts are used together to create and contrast with current styling seen within the fashion industry. Using film based photography and natural light a depth is created within the final outcome. A careful choice of beauty styling is considered ensuring the models features are highlighted, showcasing “beauty” from a different angle. A mixture of different creative techniques have been used within the shoots to create a vast array of work, showcasing the style of styling to the best of its ability. Throughout the portfolio of images presented a mixture of industry and personal clientele work is shown of which “Chronic Sunshine” has been published within SiCKY Magazine.

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