Fabiola Katie De Souza

Fabiola Katie De Souza

Fabiola Katie De Souza

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


Cabderam Kunbikar

Cabderam Kunbikar is a womenswear spring/ summer collection inspired by a place called Cabo De Rama, Goa. The place is well known for the beach, the rocks, the coconut trees and the fort which was built during the Portuguese era in Goa. Cultural elements are also considered within the research as inspiration is taken from my own family history and life living in Goa. Furthermore, the artist Chris Ofili has also inspired me through his use of colour and textural elements within his own artworks. This has challenged me to push the boundaries in textiles in fashion in order to express the beauty of Cabo de Rama. My entire collection is hand Devored and digitally printed adding other elements of textiles such as embellishments and foiling to the garments.