Fabiola Katie De Souza

Fabiola Katie De Souza

Fabiola Katie De Souza

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


Cabderam Kunbikar

Specialising in womenswear, Fabiola has always been drawn towards expressing the female body through the use of traditional tailoring methods, creative pattern cutting, and textiles. She is inspired by art whether it is from famous artists, nature, culture, and traditions or from the most simplistic of prints found around different countries through the streets that house history. She believes art has the power to reach people in different ways.

Fabiola De Souza’s Sprint/ summer 2020 graduate collection ‘Cabderam Kunbikar’ is inspired by a place called Cabo de Rama located in Goa. The place is well known for its beaches, coconut trees, and mountains. Fabiola collides all these elements and translates this within her fashion designs, textiles, and pattern cutting. She also explores the boundaries of Devore and digital printing for her fashion designs, to communicate her imagery and her love for the ocean.