Evie Richards

Evie Richards

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Evie Richards Portfolio

Virtu Empire | Final Independent Project

Virtu Empire is an educational, virtual fashion "Meta-verse" where the user can enjoy an immersive experience, expand their knowledge and connect with others, all while trying on the newest sustainable fashion collections available to purchase. The concept has been created for engagement with the following consumer tribes: Deprogrammers, Digital Architects and Gen Viz. By taking advantage in the growth of the gaming market and combining educational and fashion related content on one platform, Virtu Empire aims to meet the needs and values of its’ consumers.

Connected Consumers: How Covid 19 triggered an inflation in community commerce | Final Major Project

My Dissertation explored the ways in which Covid 19 caused a rise in community commerce and how fashion retail brands can adapt as a result. Around the Globe, physical and social isolation have become the norm, with life and routines profoundly disrupted by social distancing measures intended to combat the coronavirus pandemic including national lockdowns. These adjustments have reconstructed how we experience things as fundamental as time and space, how we approach work and leisure in addition to relationships, to the way in which we express ourselves. Even the process of ingesting information from content to products to media has transformed.

These disruptions have altered the behaviour of billions of at-home consumers. Methods of how the public experience and fulfil their needs has fundamentally shifted. Being one of the majority present in this strange time, experiencing these changes first hand, it proves an intriguing and stimulating topic which still resonates uncertainty for the future and that of fashion.