Evalene McCool

Evalene McCool

Evalene McCool

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021


Cruel and Evil.

Final Major Project - 2021

Reconceptualising who the De Vil’s truly are, fusing Dodie Smith’s iconic antagonists with the conceptual nature of what it means to be evil at the core. Studying how the body can be manipulated to explore the conventions of beauty and the horror that leaks from underneath.
Blurring the boundaries of gender, humanity and what it truly means to be cruel and evil…

This final major project culminates in two bespoke outfits, incorporating unconventional corsetry and tailoring. The final garments will be worn by The De Vil’s to a launch party, celebrating the release of Cruella’s Dalmatian skin collection. As such they take inspiration from high fashion evening wear, queer culture, and the macabre. To continue Cruella's obscure feminist narrative Harri De vil has been presented as non-Binary.

This project was conducted in conjunction with Jo Cope, an innovative and quirky corsetry specialist and Karlus G who specialises in hand tailoring.

To see my full portfolio follow this linkhttps://issuu.com/evalenemccool/docs/cruel_and_evil_protfolio_evalene_mccool_4
Evalene McCool