Estelle Booth

Estelle Booth

Estelle Booth

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020

Animal Survival Techniques

Inspired by the concept of camouflage and how animals use this technique to disguise themselves predators and prey.

This interior collection expresses the notion of standing out and keeping concealed. Neutral colours are used to juxtapose with bright warning colours. These warning colours are used as cautionary advice to inform animals that this species is either poisonous, venomous, or are trying to mimic these such animals.

Through exploring ways predators and prey obtain a hidden profile, fabrics have been manipulated through fraying and hand smocking to represent this unfocused, indistinctive image.

Motif drawings have been created through the process of dotting to build up layers and shadows, and show detail within the animal. Experimentation through changing dot size and density has also been explored to suggest different ways of representing the notion of camouflage.