Erin McTaggart

Erin McTaggart




Graduating from BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University, I have an interest in both the fashion and beauty industry, wanting to pursue a career in PR and social media. Throughout my time at university, I have covered many aspects of the fashion industry such as; Digital Marketing, Branding and PR, Trends Forecasting, Visual Merchandising, Events Management and Buying and Merchandising, and the skills I have learnt from these are transferable and can be applied to the PR sector.


My Dissertation was titled 'What Effect Does Consumers Changing Views on Social Media Influencers have on the Future of Fashion and Beauty Brands Marketing Approach?', and was focussed around controversial topics within the influencer marketing industry such as follower fraud and relatability. I then researched into brands which have implemented innovative techniques into their marketing strategies such as micro-influencers and employee advocacy, which included case studies on brands such as Glossier who have adapted their strategy to include the consumer.


Through my dissertation findings, it led me to researching the impact that social media influencers have on Generation Z regarding non-surgical cosmetic procedures for my competition module. I investigated the key drivers; selfie generation, influence and transparency to determine possible factors in the rise of procedures within the 18-24 demographic. This research determined that the increase in popularity of cosmetic procedures within the influencer community combined with a lack of regulations and knowledge of possible risks within this sector are components for the rise in cosmetic procedures for younger consumers and also a rise in botched treatments, highlighting the need for safety within this industry.


Utilising this research, my Final Major Project focused on the non-surgical cosmetic sector, rebranding the company 'Save Face' to appeal to Generation Z and promote safety. Within this, I rebranded the website and social media accounts, giving it an aesthetic that would appeal to the younger consumer, and also created an app that has the feel of a social media platform whilst still promoting education and safety within the sector. Users are made aware of clinics and practitioners they should avoid through the use of two separate registers, and can also book Save Face approved clinics through the app and website.

Tile A: Self Promotion Boards
Tile B: Save Face App Walk-Through
Tile C: Dissertation