Engelica Lubrica

Engelica Lubrica

Engelica Lubrica

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Embroidered Textiles 2020


Paving Journey

A range of luxurious fabric swatches for S/S20 Outerwear, inspired by routine maps, pavement and plants.

The final collection will value different hand embroidery techniques whilst working with digital and machinery processes.

The idea of merging irregular shapes and textures found within these elements will show the journey taken from the routine map. Mark making, observational drawing and collage drawing are explored throughout the project to generate new motifs and design compositions. Colours are taken from these elements to create a personal colour palette and to produce contrasting colours which are used for the final samples. Combining different embroidery and knit techniques such as Wilcom embroidery software, hand embroidery stitches, hand beading, stumpwork, couching, hook up and rib technique which are mainly used for the final samples. This project is vital as it is also career focused which fits with the future career as a hand embellisher.