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Who's That Girl?: Brum

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate aspiring to the Public Relations and Marketing sectors. Throughout my degree I have studied an extensive range of subjects, building my passion and excitement for the business of fashion through various research and creative projects. My best-loved modules, Events Management and Final Major project, have given me opportunity to build on my strengths in enterprising and networking to deliver an effective final outcome and have ultimately ignited my passion towards my desired career path. In addition, I have gained valuable and in-depth understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud and MS Office software as well as gaining fashion retail and Visual Merchandising experience through part-time employment alongside my studies.

Final Major Project

My Final Major Project concept stemmed from my dissertation research regarding gender inequality within the fashion industry, which fuelled my interest and passion towards tackling issues surrounding gender equality and women’s empowerment. My particular focus was on my own city and the lack of recognition women from the city receive, especially within the creative sectors despite its history of diversity and creativity. Who’s That Girl?: Brum is a Birmingham based zine celebrating and representing women from all walks of life no matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, or background. The idea for content was to give women the platform to share their stories and successes through interviews and articles, literally answering the question Who is That Girl?, whilst also giving focus to social and cultural issues affecting the many diverse communities within the city and the celebration of its art, music, fashion and culture. The plan for the WTG project wasn’t just a zine, but to build a community of like-minded women who empower and inspire each other. A 12-month business plan and supporting marketing strategy was created to include social media, merchandise mock-ups and the concept of WTG networking events that give women the opportunity to come together and connect.

Video 1: An Interview with Nic Christiana- Social Media Promotional Video

Events Management: Flavaa presents Big Break Birmingham

The Events Management Project required me to put my team work, communication and enterprising skills into action, developing a company and original event to raise money for St. Basils charity. The result, ‘Big Break Birmingham’ was a successful and lucrative music event showcasing up and coming talent with a diverse line up of singers, rappers and Dj’s. As assigned Public Relations manager, I was able to gain experience networking with local media, influencers and artists whilst contributing to the marketing and branding of an event, utilising press releases and social media as marketing tools.

Video 2: Flavaa Presents Promotional Video