Emma Critchell

Emma Critchell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: A Little While

The digital revolution promised to save us time but instead we are busier than ever. - LS:N
People are beginning to eschew technology, disconnect and escape from the relentless demands the digital world is beginning to put upon them. They are longing for simpler times, allowing them to be present in the offline now and interact with people face to face in reality. - Dissertation Research
'A Little While' is an innovative mobile app aimed at the always-on consumer, who is seeking the perfect antidote for their hyper-connected lifestyles.
As the digital age diminishes the quality of offline networks and relationships, disrupts communication and gives mixed messages about priorities, people need to learn how to navigate through real and virtual life. The platform encourages people to go back to before the isolation of the smartphone screen and offer a digital balance, not detox.

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