Emily Williams

Emily Williams

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


A response to the call for a social media design renaissance

"The only form of ethical persuasion that exists is when the goals of the persuader are aligned with the goals of the persuadee. And that involves questioning big things, like the business model of advertising… Imagine an entire design renaissance that tried to orchestrate the exact and most empowering time-well-spent timelines” - Tristan Harris, ex-Google Design Ethicist and founder of Center for Humane Technology.

Social media has begun the destruction of society, colonising our time, attention, and relationships, and affecting both wellbeing and productivity. The business model of advertising has led technologists to build manipulation tactics into social networks with the sole purpose of keeping us on our phones for as long as possible.

The Major Project further probed these findings, forming an investigation into how successful social media marketing is for fashion brands, concluding that the algorithm forms a bias towards household name businesses with a large following, and hiding smaller brand’s marketing content.

Revel was developed following multiple calls for a re-design of the social media business model. A subscription-based, humane platform designed to curate offline value for users through the cultivation of personalised experiences. Revel rewards users with ‘points’ for enduring experiences outside of a digital environment, which can then be spent on fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands that have partnered with the app. In order to move away from the advertising business model, Revel supplies generated consumer data to the experience economy over targeted advertisements, utilising user data to create value, and being the only platform available that can provide this sought after data to external businesses that aids in growing their offerings.

Revel’s reward system allows consumers to seek brands on the app of their own accord, creating a more engaging experience for both brand and consumer. Working off a commission revenue model, brands will only pay for the customers they actively targeted, increasing their ROI into their social media marketing strategy.

This new social media concept has been nominated for Graduate Fashion Week’s ‘New Fashion Media’ award.

Independent Final Project formed a realisation into the growing interest of trend articulation and application, while strengthening my existing admiration for graphic design, branding and visual layouts, thus causing me to look towards a career path that focuses on trend forecasting or creative direction.

Undergoing a trend forecasting internship during my degree and the pandemic has demonstrated my resilience as a worker, allowing me to transfer my newly developed skills in critical thinking and intuition, into an industry role.