Emily Orr

Emily Orr

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



Throughout University the inter-relationships between the commercial environment, creative thinking and technical practice, have been explored, practiced, and challenged. Gaining confidence and professionalism through verbal communication fluency, as well as coherent written and visual presentation skills.

Independent Final Project | Ohana

“True inclusion will only be achieved when individuals are given the same voice.”

For the Independent Final Project, research was conducted into human's unconscious biases and how they affect algorithms in sensitive areas such as recruitment. Whilst research found that algorithms do not explicitly include racial data, the use of information impacted by societal bias results in a framework that favours white people over those of colour.

As a result of this research, a business plan detailing every aspect of a business's operations, strategies, and commercials, as well as industry standard outcomes, was created.The business plan justified the creation of Ohana, an ethically and socially responsible app-enabled networking platform determined to promoting and supporting diversity, inclusivity, and future-focused thinking in the work-place. Supporting students of all backgrounds, Ohana’s vision is to challenge the established norm, through business partnership and collaboration, to drive social progress across all areas of business for the benefit of Society.

Buying and Merchandising | First Year

The buying and merchandising module was a critical component in defining Emily's career goals. The module was a live brief with George Clothing, and focused on buying and merchandising principles, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the product team, in relation to the fashion industry.

Research into the brand, George, and their consumers was conducted, as well as a comparative shop report to identify best sellers and key shapes. By applying research from the previous module, Trends Forecasting, alongside further research into catwalk, street style, key shapes, and garment detail, a commercially viable, detailed range development book was produced. This included CADs, created in Adobe Illustrator, critical paths, and costing.

The findings that supported and justified the range were then articulated in a pitch, with feedback commending the articulation and pace, high level of detail, and consideration given to the country of origin, as well as on-line considerations to the final range. The pitch was then selected to be presented at George Headquarters and was rewarded with work experience as a result of the high quality of work.

Moving forward

Emily hopes to pursue a career in buying by combining her extensive knowledge of consumer behaviour, fashion trends, and global macro trends with analytical and quantitative skills.