Emily May Knapper

Emily May Knapper

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Beauty Beyond Size


"Fashion is a state of mind, not a size range"
"Don't waste time worrying about your skin or your weight. Develop what you do, what you put your hands on in the world" - Meryl Streep
With the plus size industry becoming more important each week, the fashion that is available to them needs to become more trend relevant and more accessible. Women are seeking fast fashion for plus sizes, however are struggling to do this successfully. The plus size market is constantly putting money into the fashion industry, with £13bn of UK consumers buying into plus size fashion. With the demand growing, high street brands are realising that they need to accommodate this consumer, and can no longer afford to ignore them. Social media and celebrities are influencing Millennials and Gen Z, from looking at what trends celebrities are setting to how they are living their lives, consumers are constantly looking for a new trend to bring to the high street. The use of technology in stores will create memorable experiences, engaging consumers and keeping brick stores open. By integrating plus size fashion, equality and technology in stores, this will allow plus size women to feel involved in the fashion community, not just living alongside it.

The work I have produced adjacent, is based primarily around the plus size fashion industry and how the influence of fashion marketing and social media is influencing the Millennial and Gen Z society. Delving into the results of brain washing and precision of what is ideal and accepted in society. Both pieces of work represent the ways how fashion is reacting to the plus size market and how they are accommodating them, also if they are respecting them and their needs. The demand on the high street for trend driven clothing for women who are above a size 18 if high, with 80% of women wanting to access clothing from the high street brands who offer products to the consumer below a 16, appose to brands who are primarily plus size. Equality in the industry and on the high street is a main focus within the work, creating a marketing campaign for River Island, to aid the promotion of launching the plus size range into UK stores, making the footfall and sales increase due to catering for a wider consumer base.

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